Super Nails by Nj


Nail Services

Solar Acrylic (Full Set) $35 +
Solar Acrylic (Fill) $25
Solar Acrylic (Repairs) $3 each
Solar White Tips (Full Set) $40 +
Solar White Tips (Fill) $35 +
Solar White Tips (Repairs) $4 each
Pink & White (Full Set) $45 +
Pink & White (Fill) $40 +
Pink & White (Repairs) $4 each
* Add On Gel Color $15
* Extra Long $5
* Ombré $50
SNS Dip Overlay $40
SNS Dip w/Tips Extension $43 +
SNS Dip w/Tips Extension (Repair) $4 each
SNS Dip Pink & White $45 +
SNS Dip Pink & White (Repair) $5 each
* With Tips $48 +
* With Tips (Repair) $5 each
SNS Ombré Two (2) Colors $55 +
Add On Chrome $15
Add On Special Nail Shape $5

(coffin, almond, stiletto)

Cuticle Trimmed $3

Additional Nail Services

Soak-Off Nails $10
Redo Nails $5
Real Nails Polish Change $7
Real Nails Polish Change (French) $10
Artificial Polish Change $10
Toes Polish Change $10
Toes Polish Change (French) $12

About Our Product

Herbal Mineral Bath

A combination of 21 herbs creates an optimal environment for a soothing and relaxing bathing experience while conditioning and nurturing the skin

Liquid Body Lufra

Provides essential exfoliation by gently working away surface impurities and dead skin

Grapefruit Body Bar

Removes dirt, oil and impurities while drenching the skin in conditioning moisture

Icedancer Inivigorating Leg Gel

Revives, stimulates, refreshes, cools and soothes tired, achy legs

Firewalker Foot Cream

Specifically formulated to give the nourishment and treatment your feet need. Soothes and rejuvenates them after a long day.

Sole Solution Foot Treatment

* Works on the underlying cause of rough, dry, and cracked feet, returning them to a soft, smooth, healthy-looking condition

* Softens and exfoliates dead cell buildup and calluses for soft, smooth skin

Baobab Body Butter

• Delivers all-day moisturization for supple, healthy-looking skin

• Contains high levels of antioxidants

• Promotes softer, smoother, and more toned looking skin

• Enhances the resiliency of skin over time

Body Smoother

Contains renowned conditioning emollients such as aloe vera, algae extract, retinyl palmitate (vitamin A),and tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E). Absorbs quickly, Provides long-lasting moisturization without leaving a heavy, oily residue, leaving skin feeling soft and calms the spirit with the relaxing scent of Natural Herbs and help improve blood circulation.

Manicure w/Gel Polish Service

Take Off Manicure $25
Express Manicure $20
Deluxe Natural Manicure $30
with IceDancer Deluxe $35
Gel Polish Change (Hand) $23
Gel Polish Change French (Hand) $26
Gel Polish Change (Feet) $25
Gel Polish Change French (Feet) $30
Manicure with Gel $30
Manicure with Gel French $35
Gel Manicure with Deluxe $40
Two (2) Accent Nails $3
Children Manicure & Pedicure $35

10 years & Younger Combo

Additional Nuskin Service

IceDancer Neck and Shoulder Massage $10
IceDancer & Essential Oil Neck and Shoulder Massage $15


Eyebrows $10
Lips $7
Chin $10
Lips & Chin $15
Eyebrows, Lip & Chin $25
Eyebrows, Lips, Chin & Neck $30
Full Face $40
Under Arms $25
Half Arms $30
Full Arms $50
Half Legs $40
Full Legs $60
Back $45 +
Chest $45 +
Bikini $30 +
Brazilian $60 +


Basic Pedicure $30

Soak your feet in HERBAL MINERAL BATHTM. Cleaning up cuticles and lightly remove calluses. This includes a six-minute foot massage with lotion and wrap legs with warm towels. Finish with polish of you choice

IceDancer Pedicure $45

Your feet have been long awaiting for this rejuvenating pedicure. Say a warm whirlpool soaking HERBAL MINERAL BATHT, then gently massage and LIQUID BODY LUFRA Exfoliation. Experience a calf massage with the Invigorating EPOCH® ICEDANCER TM for instant relief. EPOCH® ICEDANCER TM is a soothing alcohol-free gel formulated with natural wild mint menthe arvensis-used by Northern Native American tribes and a combination of horse chestnut, eucalyptus peppermint oil that stimulates tired achy legs. Finish with deliciously rich cream quenches your skin's thirst with EPOCH® BAOBAB BODY BUTTER TM shea butter and the fruit of the African Baobab tree BODY BUTTER TM shea butter and the fruit of the African baobab tree.

FIREWALKER Pedicure $55

Indulge in this guilty pleasure without the guilt. TheEPOCH® FIREWALKERT Pedicure will leave your feet and legs feeling amazing. Using HERBAL MINERAL BATH T, a blend of LIQUID BODY BAR and LIQUID BODY LUFRAT, and topping it off with the revitalizingEPOCH® ICEDANCER “leg massage with a hot towel wrap to bring your pedicure experience to a whole new level. Along with our most famous SOLE SOLUTION® FOOT TREATMENTTM and finger pressure massage techniques using the EPOCH® FIREWALKER TM cream will take all the tiredness away. Finish with the ultimate soft EPOCH® BAOBAB BODY BUTTER. This pedicure includes your choice of paraffin wax or hot stone massage.

EPOCH Essential Oil Pedicure $65

This pedicure is focusing on sore, cramped or ache muscle with all-natural essential oils. Essential oils have been used for centuries as an essence of healing. The EPOCH® Essential Oil Pedicure includes all of benefits of the FIREWALKER TM Pedicure but also includes EPOCH® Essential Oil application with the ICEDANCERT. Choose between the Kasbah Blend, Lavender, Peppermint, Brisk, or Burst Essential Oils for specific benefits of what you would like, and we will take care of the rest. Finish with both paraffin wax hot stone massage.

SUPER NAILS SIGNATURE Pedicure and Neck Massage $80

This ultimate pedicure that includes the EPOCH® Essential Oil Pedicure, but also includes a 10-minute neck and shoulder massage with ICEDANCER and EPOCH® Essential Oil of your choice. After your massage, we apply a special aromatherapy thermal grain pad which soothes aches and relieves tension. This pad is filled with certified natural herbs and contains a faint scent of clay bead, flax seed, lavender, chamomile, lemongrass, peppermint are released. Only 100% natural dried herbs are used. Finish with both paraffin wax and hot stone massage and application of the thermal pad.

Citrus (15 minutes Massage) $50

Vitamin C has excellent antioxidant properties which protect your skin from premature aging. The citrus pedicure is a collection of essential oils, vitamin E, and antioxidants. formulated to stimulate your senses as it smooths, refines and conditions your feet. The tangy fragrance will energize, refresh, and stimulate your spirits.

Milk & Honey (15 minutes Massage) $55

The milk and honey combination soothes and moisturizes tired feet. Honey is wonderful for protecting and rejuvenating the skin. Its antioxidant properties refresh the skin while its hydrogen peroxide properties aid in cleansing. 

Lemongrass and Green Tea (15 minutes Massage) $55

The soothing, zen qualities of antioxidant rich green tea plus the relaxing aroma of lemongrass are sure to calm and restore. Lemongrass essential oil is an antiseptic and is also great for soothing sore and painful muscles. Green tea's therapeutic benefits hydrate and detoxify your skin, and also restores, refreshes and reenergizes energizes soles. 

Lavender (15 minutes Massage) $55

(Eliminate Stress, calming & relaxing)

Relax in a luxury sultry scented bath steeped with fresh lavender essential herbs. Rich in sea salts this soak relieves stress and fatigue.A lavender vanilla scented exfoliating scrub to remove dry skin. A warm lavender foot treatment is applied to decrease fluid retention and swelling. Foot massage with rich lavender foot cream concludes this very relaxing pedicure experience.

All Pedicure Includes Hot Stone & Paraffin Wax

Facial Services

AgeLOC Refreshing Mask Treatment

Smoothes the skin's surface by releasing dead cell buildup and pore-blocking impurities. Cleanses and purifies skin, increases hydration, and delivers your first infusion of ageLOC to reduce the signs of aging.

Choose your mask depending on which type of skin you have.

Dry SkinCreamy Hydrating MasqueTM Treatment
Re-vitalizes, soothes and moisturizes dehydrated skin. This treatment uses product that acts as a moisture magnet that binds moisture to the skin, reducing dryness and bringing out a natural glow.
Normal SkinEpoch® Glacial Marine MudTM Treatment
Helps exfoliate dead skin cells, remove skin contaminants, and rejuvenate damaged or troubled skin. It nurtures your skin with more than 50 beneficial minerals and trace elements, including zinc and sea botanicals.
Oily SkinClay PackTM Treatment
This treatment uses a non-drying facial mask that moisturizes the skin while it deep cleanses. The combination of clay, aloe vera, NaPCA and intensive cleansing agents helps unclog pores and free impurities. Your skin is left feeling thoroughly cleansed, soft and luxuriously supple.


ageLOC Face Lift Mask Treatment

Works instantly to lift and tighten less-firm areas of the face. Temporarily diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Improves the appearance of your skin's tone and texture for a smoother, tighter, and more youthful look. Leave undefined skin in the past and enjoy firmer, younger-looking skin today and in the future with ageLOC TruFace Essence Ultra.

ageLOC Facial Spa Treatment

Are you ready to look 5 years younger? This treatment using theFacial Spa instrument is intended for skin stimulation for facial toning and improved appearance that will leave people wondering about your age. The Facial Spa features microcurrent technology that stimulates skin for improved appearance, provides facial toning, and improves facial contour and make the skin look more voluminous.